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Deba Shower Room Services

Deba UK Ltd provides a wide range of high efficiency shower room / bathroom solutions for clients that demand quality products with minimal maintenance and low water consumption. Our specially constructed fixtures, coupled with expert compliance-focused system design, ensures customer satisfaction, safe water distribution and long term reliability. We have completed numerous installations in the following establishments:

  • Leisure Centres / Spas
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals & Surgeries
  • Social Housing
  • Military Bases
  • Universities
  • Residential Properties
  • Care Homes
Smart Tap Installations in London


Approved Code of Practice L8 "applies to the control of legionella bacteria, in any undertaking involving a work activity managed by you or on your behalf. It applies to premises controlled in connection with a trade, business or other undertaking where water is used or stored; and where there is a means of creating and transmitting water droplets (aerosols) which may be inhaled, causing a reasonably foreseeable risk of exposure to legionella bacteria."

Deba UK provides surveys, advice, risk assessments, system design, installation, testing, treatments and maintenance to ensure full compliance to all relevant UK legislation.

Simple Fixture Systems

For clients that require simplicity without compromising quality, Deba UK offers a wide range of standardised durable shower and tap fixtures. These carefully designed outlets have a simplified component structure and promise a long service-life, low maintenance, water saving features and compliance. 

In addition Deba will advise on the use of and supply / install the following:

Water Saving Shower Head Installations in London

Water Saving Fixed Shower Head

Advanced Integrated Systems

For the ultimate in convenience and water management in the shower / wash facility, Deba UK provides the very latest in patented Smart Taps and Shower Systems. Integration to a secure cloud-based control panel for full system management and monitoring.

Key System Features

  • Cloud Integration
  • Water Consumption Levels
  • Rinse Times
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Device Usage Statistics
  • Mains or Battery Operation
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Failure Alarm
  • Remote Hygiene Flushing
  • Remote Legionella Flushing
  • Fully Scalable Solution

System Design, Installation & Backup

Deba consultants will discuss your requirements and budget, and conduct a full survey of your existing system (if any), to determine the most cost effective and sustainable solution. A detailed proposal of the new system / upgrade will be presented to allow for adjustments during the planning stage. Once agreed, works will be scheduled and Deba's experienced installation teams will complete and commission the system. Full usage training will be provided to key staff and documentation handed over for compliance.

After-sales service and backup is a key part of the Deba philosophy, and our emergency engineers are available to remedy any problems that arise. Deba service, testing and maintenance plans will ensure a long and reliable service life of the system and outlets.

Shower System Design

Deba Anti Microbial Replacement Shower Head Programme

Standard shower heads and hoses are hygienically compromised as soon as they are fitted. Bacteria continues to build up whether they are in use or not. This is an unpleasant reality. However, in situations where they are used by people with weakened immune systems, such as hospitals or care homes, it poses a serious health risk.

The industry standard risk reduction protocol is a regular and thorough cleaning regime. While this can be effective, it is highly labour intensive and expensive in terms of time (wages, shower downtime, keeping accurate logs etc). Critically, it is very easy for one or more showers to be missed or not cleaned properly. This leaves the organisation open to a claim of negligence, in addition to the potential for loss of life.

To properly clean a shower head and hose takes approximately twenty minutes. Units should be dismantled and cleaned using COSHH grade chemicals, which are aggressive and will damage shower heads and hoses more quickly than you might expect. Replacements have a cost implication that is often overlooked, including disposal of old units.

Fortunately Deba UK has a simple and cost effective solution involving the use of disposable anti microbial shower heads and hoses. They are constructed of high quality materials and are 100% recyclable (by Deba UK) once the unit has reached end of life. Nothing goes to landfill.

L8 Compiant Shower Heads UK

Colour Coded L8 Compliant Anti Microbial
Shower Heads & Hoses

These cost-effective components can be fitted in seconds due to the use of standard connectors. This means huge time savings as cleaning of shower heads and hoses is not required. This leads to lower labour costs and a huge reduction of risk factors. More than 40,000 of our disposable shower heads have been fitted in NHS Trusts across the United Kingdom. They are proven effective and reliable.

Key Benefits

  • Risk Factor Reduction
  • Exceeds ACoP L8
  • Time / Cost Saving
  • Anti Microbial Coating
  • Colour Coded
  • No Corrosion
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Reporting & Auditing
  • 100% Recycled (at end of life)
  • No Chemical Storage
  • No Training Required
  • Fitted in Seconds

Contact us today to see how much you could save by joining the Deba Anti Microbial Replacement Shower Head Programme.


Existing shower installations assessed and improvements / upgrades implemented. New shower / hand washing facilities designed and installed meeting all legal requirements for safe operation and efficiency.

Testing, surveys and risk assessments offered. Cost-effective and time saving disposable anti-microbial shower head replacement programme (100% recycled at end of life).

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