Water Hygiene Services

Water is used in various ways in today's factories and offices, and each use should be risk assessed as advocated by the Health and Safety Executive.

The HSE document ACoP L8, 'Legionnaires' Disease, The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance' outlines that in order to comply with their legal duties the owners of the premises should:

  • Identify and assess sources of risk
  • Prepare a scheme for preventing and controlling the risk
  • Implement, manage and monitor precautions and control measures
  • Keep records of the precautions/control measures
  • Appoint a person to have managerial responsibility
Water Hygiene Services in London

Risk Assessments

The Risk Assessment forms the basis of a control scheme which is implemented and regularly reviewed to ensure its effectiveness. The control scheme will vary in complexity from site to site but our extensive services include:

  • Risk assessment log books
  • Microbiological analysis of samples to UKAS accredited standards
  • Temperature profiling
  • System cleaning and disinfection
  • Remedial works to WRAS approved standards

Biocide Services

NIJHUIS DEBA can also provide novel biocide programmes including:

  • Silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Ozone
  • Metal ionisation
  • UV filtration

Key Remedial Works


NIJHUIS DEBA engineers and consultants will analyse and assess the current water system and note areas of non-compliance (for example scale, corrosion and foreign bodies). The water will be tested for present pathogens.

Subject to findings, the consultant will issue a report with suggested remedial works. A quotation will be submitted for your approval to bring the system into a state of compliance and good working order.

Tank Cleans & Disinfection

By maintaining the cleanliness of water storage tanks the risks of harmful pathogens can be kept to an absolute minimum.

NIJHUIS DEBA provides scheduled and 'one-off' water tank cleaning and disinfection services throughout the UK. Our tank cleans are carried out to the highest standard.

Tank Repair & Replacement

When required, NIJHUIS DEBA engineers will complete repair works to damaged or corroded water storage tanks, associated pipework and end points. The system hygiene and performance will be maintained / restored. Spare parts are available for most water storage tanks.

In addition to repairs NIJHUIS DEBA can install new / replacement tanks of all types including:

  • Concrete Water Tanks
  • GRP Water Tanks (Flat & Sectional)
  • Galvanised Steel Water Tanks (Flat & Sectional)
  • Hotwell Water Tanks

All tank repairs and replacements are of a high standard and NIJHUIS DEBA engineers will ensure the finished product meets with all legislative compliance requirements.


Water systems tested and cleaned to meet your legal obligations with detailed documentation of works, system status and any advisories.

Repairs and installation of new tanks and equipment carried out in a timely and cost-effective manner.


NIJHUIS DEBA advisors and engineers are on hand to handle your Water Hygiene requirements.