Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Services

It is a legal requirement that all LEV systems are tested.

The Health and Safety at Work acts 1974 and regulation 9 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health state that all Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEVs) must be monitored and maintained to ensure it is in good working order, inclusive of those that remove airborne dust and fumes.  There is a statutory requirement for your system to be tested at least once in every fourteen months and in certain situations more frequently.



The government body that is responsible for the enforcement of the regulations for related risks in the work place is the Health and Safety Executive (www.hse.gov.uk). One of the key aspects of COSHH 2002 (Control of Substances Hazard to Health) regulations is dust and fume exposure. COSHH regulation 9 (www.hse.gov.uk/coshh) states that all companies must take steps to prevent, control, maintain and monitor for dust and fume exposure within the working environment.


The purpose of the examination is to ensure that your LEV system is working effectively and conforms to current H&S regulation. All of our engineers are P601 accredited and have specialist knowledge, vast experience and skills to carry out the thorough examination and testing of all LEV systems.


NIJHUIS DEBA provides comprehensive reports and certification of testing for your records of compliance and to satisfy insurance requirements where applicable.


NIJHUIS DEBA advisors and engineers are on hand to handle your Local Exhaust Ventilation requirements.