Effluent Water Treatment

The discharge limits placed on today's industry are becoming ever more stringent. Also, as water becomes scarcer it is important to seek areas where water consumption can be reduced or reused.

At NIJHUIS DEBA we meet with our clients to identify the complex requirements of their processes to minimise effluent, and then design a programme to enable our clients to conform to discharge limits and improve quality for reuse of water.

Effluent Water Treatment in London

Chemical Treatments

Our chemical range includes:

  • Coagulants and emulsion breakers
  • Flocculants
  • Patented heavy metal removal slurries
  • Anti-foam agents
  • Paint booth treatment programmes


  • Effluent system assessed for current performance
  • Treatments applied to fulfill potential
  • Minimise discharge
  • Maximise reuse quality
  • Reports of readings, works completed & results


NIJHUIS DEBA advisors and engineers are on hand to handle your Effluent Water Treatment requirements.