Cooling Tower Engineering

NIJHUIS DEBA has a dedicated engineering section. Our team of specialists is trained to carry out a full range of maintenance and engineering on any cooling tower, a service which complements our water treatment and hygiene services to provide our clients with a fully comprehensive service.

This ensures that cooling towers run at optimum performance and fully comply mechanically, chemically and microbiologically with HSE ACoP L8.

BAC Cooling Tower Repairs & Servicing in London, Guildford, Surrey


  • ACoP L8 compliance for existing cooling towers
  • ACoP L8 compliant up-grading for any make or type of tower
  • Fully comprehensive service plans for continued performance and ACoP L8 compliance
  • Access platforms and safety ladders for HSE compliance to current standards
  • Our engineering department is fully accredited by the C.T.I. (Cooling Technology Institute/Cooling Tower Institute) and the "Legionella Control Association" - (registered certificate No. 1999/602).

Cooling Tower Upgrades:

High performance drift eliminators to minimise drift
High efficiency fill packs and thermal performance up-grading (non-clogging fill packs)
High velocity recovery fan stacks in GRP construction
Low noise and high energy efficiency fans and drives
Air-inlet honeycomb panels to minimise drift from air-inlets
Non-skid fibreglass fan decks for industrial cooling towers

Cooling Tower Repairs / Maintenance:

Fully comprehensive service plans for mechanical components e.g. fans, gear boxes and bearings
Spare parts for any cooling tower
Fan balancing and gear box repairs
Flow control valves and filters
Hot water distribution systems

Cooling Tower Inspection & Cleaning:

Deba engineers will carry out thorough inspections and advise or action deep cleaning / replacement of the following:

  • Scale Removal
  • Air Inlets
  • Nozzles
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Fill Packs
  • Layer Packs
  • Timber Packs
  • Splash Guards
  • Drift Eliminators & Frames
  • Tower Walls
  • Sumps
  • Ponds

Structural Repairs

Structural repair services for concrete, steel, fibreglass and timber cooling tower casings, structures, fan stacks and distribution systems

Performance & Service Contracts

Cooling tower thermal performance testing to current standards
Consulting, inspection, full engineering surveys and reports
Extended warranty programmes
Risk assessments and evaluations
Operator training

Nijhuis DEBA UK Emergency Repairs

NIJHUIS DEBA has a team of emergency engineers to provide fast support and repairs throughout the UK

Cooling Tower Repairs London


Comprehensive water cooling tower services to ensure your operational efficiency potential is reached with minimal disruption.


NIJHUIS DEBA advisors and engineers are on hand to handle your Cooling Tower Engineering requirements.