Boiler Water Treatment Company in London

Boiler Water Treatment

With clients ranging from the power generation sector, the food industry and plant nurseries, NIJHUIS DEBA understands that steam generating boilers require a 'complete system' approach to ensure successful, problem-free operation.

Failure to deal with the pre-boiler, boiler and condensate conditions may result in:

  • Reduced plant lifetime
  • Reduced heat exchange efficiency
  • Increased water and energy usage
  • Increased maintenance costs
Commercial / Industrial Boiler Repairs, Servicing & Treatment in London


BS 2486:1997 gives recommendations for the control of water-side conditions of steam boilers and water heaters and also for the preparation of feed water for such plant.

NIJHUIS DEBA Boiler Programmes

NIJHUIS DEBA boiler programmes are designed to take account of variable water qualities. This is essential, as commerce is forced to rely on increasingly scarce water resources.

Programmes are designed to conform to BS2486, and our extensive range of chemical treatments enables each programme to be tailored to the client's specific process requirements. A typical programme will:

  • Prepare water before entering the boiler
  • Maximise the potential of condensate
  • Protect the interior of the boiler
  • Maintain clean internal boiler surfaces maximising heat transfer
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase plant lifetime
  • Provide monitoring and control of treatment levels


  • Boiler system assessed for current performance.
  • Treatments applied to fulfill optimal running potential.
  • Reports of readings, works completed & results.


NIJHUIS DEBA advisors and engineers are on hand to handle your Boiler Water Treatment requirements.