Aquatech Amsterdam & Birmingham NEC.

Nijhuis Deba Exhibition Stand

We have had a productive November, exhibiting at both Aquatec Amsterdam and the Birmingham NEC.

At Aquatech we were showing how we can help you to remove medical residues with MediOxi and MicroOxi. MediOxi is a cost-effective decentralized pre-treatment solution for healthcare and hospital wastewater, while MicroOxi is an efficient effluent polishing solution for municipal treatment plants to remove a wide variety of medicines of more than 80% resilient.

Mike Platt presented a case study for a UK food plant where we have implemented a green alternative solution (EcoCatalyst) to reduce organic loading of a cooling tower.

Mike Platt presents the advantages of EcoCatalyst

The exhibition showed how to de-water sludge up to 50% dry solids and turn waste into taste. We also showed how to remove medical residues. We met at the on-site Botanical garden and experienced real and practical insight into the latest innovations for municipal and industrial markets.

Team Briefing on the first day

Nijhuis Industries had their very own Water Doctor on site and showed a real-life electrical coagulation test, membrane test and many more tests at our chemical-free processes and Water Reuse area!

Nijhuis Deba also exhibited at the Birmingham NEC for the Holiday and Park Resort Innovation. We displayed sustainable water use in the holiday industry, and showed how we can help with sewage treatment, pumping stations and drainage infrastructure.

Dr Irene Lesnikova, Graham Warner and Fiona Lavender on site exhibiting at the NEC