Deba UK Senior Management Team in London



Mike Platt Managing Director of Deba UK

Mike Platt

Managing Director

Water Treatment In London Operations Manager

Irene Lesnikova

Operations Director

Water Treatment Services Operations Director in London

Terry Grant

Commercial Director

Technical Manager Deba UK

Phil Hodgins

Technical Manager

Water Hygiene Compliance & Sales Manager

Gareth Hand

Compliance Manager

Chris Mace Engineering Manager

Chris Mace

Engineering Manager

Working For Deba UK

Deba UK are always pleased to welcome new members to our team. We always try to ensure that all employees can have a rewarding and enjoyable career within our business.

We are an extremely ambitious company which is constantly evolving. We are looking for professionals to help us meet our planned business goals.

Our aim is to create an environment where great people can do the best work and find the path to realise their full potential.

If you are interested working for Deba UK please forward your CV to