Legionella Prevention During Lockdown

8 Permanent Solutions to Prevent Legionella

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During these challenging times, many buildings are currently not in use such as offices, schools, museums, sports centres, and holiday parks. Water services that have low use and stagnant areas have an increased potential risk for Legionella growth. On the other hand, hospitals, nursing homes, and residential care are in operation and are 100% focused on the health and care of their patients. In both situations (lockdown or not lockdown building) extra precautions must be undertaken to protect their exposure to Legionella bacteria.

In last week's article we provided 7 helpful tips to prevent Legionella.

In article 3 of 3, we provide 8 permanent solutions for buildings and factories to prevent Legionella.

Legionella Bacteria in London

Water is used in various ways in today's factories and offices, and each use should be risk assessed as advocated by the local authorities. An easy tip to prevent Legionella is 'enhanced flushing'. This should be introduced on the floors and areas that have become vacant or empty, so effectively adding additional outlets to the little used outlet list which are then covered by the existing weekly flushing regime.

NIJHUIS DEBA - Permanent Legionella Prevention Solutions

Depending on the outcomes of the Risk Assessment report, a permanent NIJHUIS DEBA Legionella compliance and control solution can be installed. This includes 24/7 monitoring for cooling towers and cold / hot water services. Below you find 8 possible permanent solutions.

Depending on the situation, a solution can consist of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, ozone, electrodeposition, metal ionization, UV filtration system, a patented environmentally friendly bio organic catalyst solution for control of biofilms and online monitoring.

Enhanced Water System Flushing - Legionella Prevention in London
Legionella Prevention in London

1) Ozone
Benefits: Chemical free, in situ generation, no handling, transport or storage, Environmentally friendly by-products of oxygen and water
Proven and extremely effective disinfectant, significant water savings on fee water and drain.
Application: Cooling towers, Hot and Cold water services.

2) Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide
Benefits: Simple and cost effective to apply, Effective against biofilm and Legionella, Flexible application of continuous or shot dosing
Application: Hot and cold water services.

3) Electrodeposition
Benefits: Chemical free, in situ generation, no handling, transport or storage, Environmentally Friendly, Proven and effective water treatment.
Application: Cooling tower

4) Chlorine Dioxide
Benefits: Proven disinfectant, in situ generation, no handling, transport or storage, Non corrosive in systems, Effective against biofilms and Legionella
Application: Cooling tower, Hot and Cold water services

5) Metal Ionization
Benefits: Persistent in water systems, in situ generation, no handling, transport or storage, Low running costs, Energy savings by reduction of hot water temperatures.
Application: Hot and cold water services.

6) UV Filtration
Benefits: Chemical free, Low running costs, Effective at the point of use
Application: Cooling towers

Legionella Health & Safety in London
Legionella Control during lockdown in London

7) Bio Organic Catalyst (BOC for cooling towers)
Benefits: Very effective against biofilm and Legionella, Works well in systems with high organic loading, Easy to apply, Cost effective, Environmentally friendly product based on plant derivatives.
Application: Cooling towers

8) Online monitoring - i-MONTORING
Benefits: remote access to your system (24/7), control and manage the installation to maximise the performance, guarantee system parameters, reduce operational cost (labour, maintenance, chemical and energy)
Application: Cooling tower and cold / hot water services for a wide range of industries.

With permanent solutions, legionella is under control to meet environmental compliance.

Contact the NIJHUIS DEBA Legionella experts: sales.deba@nijhuisindustries.com (UK)
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