Our New Website

Welcome to our brand new website. It has been in design and development for a long time and we hope you find it easier to navigate. This site is responsive so should scale to any screen size to give all visitors the best possible viewing experience. Our website was created by Al’s Web Design who is our chosen website designer and SEO expert.

What we’ve found with Al’s Web Design:

  • Listened to what we wanted
  • Collaborated well with our graphic designer
  • Researched our services thoroughly to create additional accurate content
  • A good eye for detail
  • Responsive to requests in a timely manner
  • Quoted a reasonable price for the project
  • Good ongoing support & maintenance
  • Explained technical things in an easy to understand way
  • Good SEO results for our chosen keywords

It is configured to run site-wide on SSL encryption. Additionally it runs behind multiple firewalls to ensure maximum security and data protection. Malware scans are regularly ran to ensure the website is free from harmful software or processes.

Some vector images were provided courtesy of Flat Icons artist Vectors Market. These are licensed under Creative Commons.